Sunrise Orchard


Neos is partnering with the Tejano Center for Community Concerns on the design of a multi-family commercial housing initiative for youth transitioning out of the foster care system. Sunrise Orchard is a much needed resource for Houston Area homeless youth.  Sunrise Orchard will provide a safe space for residents and give them the tools to live on their own once they get on their feet.


This project is an 9 building, 52 unit apartment complex over 35,000 square feet. The project includes design of apartments, exterior community areas, community center, and landscape architecture.

Community Center Side View

The design is environmentally conscious incorporating cost effective and energy efficient design and the construction materials. The units will use geothermal heating, and bioswales to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Second Floor Apartments
Community Center Front Face

If you would like to donate or learn more about the Sunrise Orchard project or Tejano Center for Community Concerns visit their website at:

Architectural Consultants

Landscape Architects:  HJT Landscape Architects
MEP:  Dominion Interests Inc.
Structural Engineers:  ASA Dally Structural Engineers
Civil Engineers:  Jarvis Engineering